While the term MMA or Mixed Martial Arts has been associated purely with competition, our focus is not primarily on the sport of MMA.Instead, we focus on the overall improvement of each student to defend themselves, get in or stay in shape, and to have a fun time learning our curriculum of techniques. The MMA classes combine striking and grappling styles together in a way that is great for self-defense and also allows students to compete if they choose to step into the cage or ring to fight.

        Don’t worry about being in shape to start the class. If you are looking for a fun way to work out that also teaches you self-defense techniques, then you will love our mixed martial arts classes. Each class combines drilling technique, learning new moves and applying them against other students. This is a family gym though. Everyone who has the courage to step onto the mat for a class will be treated like one of the family and will be helped by other students when they have questions or aren’t quite understanding a technique.


Our adult MMA (Zanshindo) classes are the most comprehensive mixture of self-defense and competition that we teach. Any teen or adult interested in training is accepted and new students can start at any class. This class is a great way to stay in shape while learning techniques. And to make it better, we are offering you a FREE TRIAL WEEK!









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