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          From the heart of the Amazon, where the temperature is regularly over 100 F, making hell sound like fun, two brothers were born without knowing that they would dominate the Jiu-Jitsu world for over a decade and become the most decorated brothers in a sport that only knew the Gracie name. Some call it destiny, others call it fate, but the reality is that the mix of a strong father figure, a lioness of a mother, hot blood and a relentless heart were the ingredients that comprised these two warriors of the modern world. Two sides of the same coin with the desire to be great!


          Saulo Ribeiro, the elder brother, is a natural born leader. With passion, intensity and a strong personality, his deep family values are the fuel that feed his body. Showing an incredible tolerance for pain and recovery, he has been compared to a piece of metal, strong and indomitable. He thrives in adversity, which is when the best of his character appears. He would die for a human cause and twice for the ones he loves.


          Alexandre Ribeiro, who is 6 years younger than his brother, is a perfect silent killer: calm, cold blooded and hard to read. Gifted with a perfect body that combines size, strength and beauty, he frustrates his opponents by imposing his will with relentless technique. Dedicated to his family and daughter, from where he draws his strength, he is a very likable person with an incredible talent to make other people around him feel special. His generosity makes him the perfect Absolute Champion!

Now, a question comes to mind: how can two brothers who are so different achieve such greatness on the mats and at the same time and still work, live, cry and be happy together!? The answer is that they love each other more than themselves.The elder brother has an incredible resume of 6 world titles in 5 different divisions! Light (1996), middle (1997), heavy (1998), m-heavy (1999), super heavy (2000) and m-heavy (2002). Arguably one of the hardest records to ever beat, all of the titles won were in the Black Belt division. He received the title of “Cavaleiro da Ordem do Rio Branco” from the President of Brazil. How did he achieve such success? By being surrounded by great people, caring for everyone, always loving competition with no fear, and also having “The Greatness” watching his back, Xande.










          Little brother, as Saulo likes to say, is called “The Greatest” not only for his remarkable record, highest percentage of submissions, two Absolute titles, defeat of the best Gracie in the business, but also for his ability to inspire people, fighters, old school masters and lovers of the sport. His careless attitude towards fame, frees him and allows him to shine while giving him the peace of mind to see the invisible Jiu-Jitsu and maintain control under chaos.


          The brothers left Brazil with a dream to be a positive influence in people’s lives, spreading Jiu-Jitsu and turning the moral values they learned into one of the most beautiful family models, where unconditional love is the fuel and respect is the law to take you through all of the tests that life brings.


          Saulo earned his Black Belt in 1995, from the best competitor with the Gracie name, Royler Gracie. Xande in 2001 received it from his own brother, who did not make it easy on him at all. Even until this day, it was the hardest and nastiest HELL TEST ever held! (a trademark when you are awarded in Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu). For this reason, 1995 gave birth to Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu, because for the brothers, once you earn your Black Belt, your duty is to spread the knowledge you have learned like the old Samurais once did. You must try to fix your traits. Belts become an accessory, and the search for colors is over! They choose to go to cold Toledo, Ohio, where genuine and warm people make up for the lack of good weather. With its strategic location in the middle of the US, they were able to spread out to several surrounding states and build the strongest association in the Mid-West with over 20 Black Belts, which they call Soul Brothers. Now those Black Belts, who are in charge of Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu throughout the area, are making the brothers more proud everyday with the sense of accomplishment.


          After Xande became the Absolute Champion in 2007, they moved to San Diego, where they founded the world famous University of Jiu-Jitsu, a temple of great people united for the love of the art and an example that shows that we have to share Jiu-Jitsu with everyone no matter which flag they represent! A positive attitude, values and an open mind to learn are the key to unlocking the gate. The logo is an image of yourself when you look at the mirror, so it’s up to you honor that. These were the words of one of the greatest people the brothers have ever met and learned from, HÉLIO GRACIE.


          With globalization, Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu was able to spread not only in the US but also all over the world, sometimes by the hands of the Ribeiro Brothers and other times by the hands of their Black Belts. These Black Belts were picked by hand in a restricted Affiliation Process and are responsible for not what we call a team, school or brand but the RIBEIRO LEGACY.

They have transcended the limits and areas of impact with Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu. Police, SWAT, Seals, social projects, families, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and YOU are just some of the examples of the people that have been touched by what they call “medicine for the soul!”


          Nowadays, Saulo controls the Ribeiro Headquarters in San Diego, California training, teaching at UNIJJ, and traveling for seminars all over the world. However, when the burning desire of competition takes control of his body, he takes on his Ribeiro armor suited for war, recruits his loyal soldiers and gets ready to cover his face in the dust of the battle field, the place that he calls home! Xande lives all over the World, where he alternates taking care of his daughter and family in Brazil and traveling for seminars. In Brazil, he is responsible for keeping people inspired through his competition skills and spreading the Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu Association. Being a complete model fighter, teacher, icon and person, Brazil starts a new era in Jiu-Jitsu having Xande as a perfect ambassador.



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