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Homeschool Program

Come and try our Homeschool program for a kiddo or for the whole family. BJJ provides a fun and demanding cardiovascular workout.  Jiu Jitsu also provides multiple benefits.

  • Builds Confidence

  • Improves Coordination and body awareness

  • Enhances Focus

  • Promotes Physical Activity

  • Boosts Athleticism

  • Build strong relationships

  • Promotes Goal Setting 


Class Times


Tuesday and/or Thursday

       10:00-11:00 AM                                1:00-2:00 PM 


Kindergarten & Up

1st Session will start

Sep. 5th - Oct 12th.

2nd Session will be

Jan 9th - Feb 15th

3rd Session will be

April 9th - May16th


$100 for new students this includes uniform and 6 week long course. 

$50 for returning students

Family discounts available

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