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Can I start at anytime?


Yes, you can start classes at any time. We do not have designated times of the year that you have to sign up. The best time to start Martial Arts is when you were five years old and today.


Can I just do the fitness classes?

Yes, the first class is on us then it is either $5.00 per class or $45.00 per month. We offer Cardio Core and Cardio kickboxing classes.


What do I wear to my first class?


We ask that you wear a pair of shorts or pants that do not have pockets or zippers and white t-shirt for our Zanshindo class. If you are coming for our Jiu - Jitsu class and have your own Gi then please bring it. If you do not have your own Gi then we will have one that you may borrow.


Do I have to come to every class?


You do not have to come to every class just because you signed up for it. We offer different classes and class times to help people with busy schedules. 


Once I start what kind of Gi do I wear?


As a White belt at our Academy you must wear a white Gi. Once you become a Blue belt you may wear a blue Gi and once you are a Purple or higher you may wear a Black Gi to classes. All Gi's must be patched with Relentless patch and Ribeiro patches.

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