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What is Zanshindo?

Zanshindo is a Mixed Martial Art. It is comprised of techniques from Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling, Sambo, Muay Thai- Kickboxing and Karate. Zanshindo is an effective way to train our students for competition, self-defense situations and overall physical health. Adult, Women, Teen and Children classes Offered.


Tough Tigers

Our Tuff Tigers class is fun and exciting for all the kids ages 5 -11 yrs old. Not only do they begin to learn basic martial arts techniques, but they also enjoy concentration building games while exercising their bodies.



Zanshin Perspective:








Learn and develop your techniques to the best of your ability. But always remember, you can have all the technique in the world, but all of your techniques will mean nothing if you are not willing to engage. 
  The enemy cares nothing about the beauty of your technique, rank, popularity, or status in life. Therefore, you must be ready at all times to do what is necessary. Only through proper training will you develop this type of ready mind set.

This is the essence of Zanshin-do: The way of total awareness.



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